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Sanibel Chai earned her MFA from The New School and her BA in Classical Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. She was awarded a 2023 residency by the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts and was a semi-finalist for the 2022 George Bennett Fellowship from Phillips Exeter Academy. Sanibel's debut novel To Have and Have More will be published by 8th Note Press in 2024. Her work has been published in NYmag, ELLE, Air Mail, Epiphany, The Millions, and more. She lives in Greenwich Village and is working on a retelling of the Odyssey. 

Selected Writing

"Advised to Death" in Air Mail, 2023

"Is Fruit Ever an Adequate Substitute for an Apology?" in ELLE, 2023

"Can ChatGPT Write a Good College-Admissions Essay?" in New York magazine, 2023

"Royal Toilet Paper" in New York magazine, 2022

"Prep School Bouillabaisse" in Epiphany, 2021

"The Art Of Illmatic: Exploring Nas’ Duelling Realities" in Hot New Hip Hop, 2020

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